Welcome Kit

We believe the French Press is one of the best ways to brew coffee. This is why we designed our welcome kit with one, a timer and a few other surprises we hope will introduce you to the Citizen Bean experience.

$59.99 BUY or $20.00 with a 12-month subscription BUY

Welcome Kit

The Grinder

The Encore burr grinder, recently re-designed, cuts rather then crushes your coffee. Great design and durability with 40 grind adjustments, it produces a nice grind for any style of coffee from Turkish to French Press.

$149 BUY or just $129 BUY with a 12-month Subscription

The Sugar

Europe’s coffee is served with rough-cut pure cane sugar cubes. We searched high and low to find these rare morsels. They’re not easy to keep in stock, but we’ll always try to have an extra for you. Sugar cubes have a rich and perfumed taste with hints of honey and vanilla.

$10 BUY

The Classic Drip

The Chemex is still a classic drip unit and the favorite of many culinary professionals.

The Chemex Drip Coffee Maker 8 cup $40.90 BUY

The Container

The 32 oz. stainless steel container from planetary design, with it’s built-in valve seal, forces oxygen out of the canister and locks in freshness – extending the shelf life of your beans.

Planetary Design Storage Container 32 oz. $29.99 ON SALE $19.99 BUY

The Vario-W Grinder

Baratza’s top of the line grinder now includes its own integrated scale for total weight-based grinding. The piece de rĂ©sistance of consumer burr grinders includes a dual cam innovative macro and micro grind adjustable, programmable pre-sets, ceramic burr set design, and a portaholder grind catcher.

$575.99 ON SALE $549.99 BUY

The Cone

Hario’s drip cone promotes a better distribution of water to create a lighter more refined cup.

Hario Single Serve Cone V60 Ceramic White $27.50 Out of Stock

The Manual Grinder

Whether you are traveling or on a budget this hario grinder can come in really handy and substantially better then a blade grinder for drip and press grinds.

Hario Manual Ceramic Burr Grinder $49.99 Out of Stock

The Kettle

The long narrow spout of the Buono kettle enables you to direct the hot water exactly where you want for great pour over precision.

$55 Out of Stock

The Range Server

Hario’s V60 range server is a beautiful and useful companion for its Ceramic cone.

$26 Out of Stock