Citizen Bean’s monthly subscriptions are a combination of the country’s best signature blends and single roasts.

Whether an exclusive award-winning blend or a single origin varietal nurtured to its peak by a small farm cooperative, each month promises a continuing relationship with talented artisan roasters who recognize “complex” and “sustainability” are more then just buzz words.

At CITIZEN BEAN it’s more than just coffee…

We hope you will feel the same.

Each month we ship just-roasted, award winning coffees with a conscience from all over the country to your door. More than just a “coffee of the month” club, each shipment is a Coffee Adventure, accompanied by additional, carefully chosen accessories and unexpected surprises to add to your adventure. We try to complete the circle by giving back to the coffee community, and ask each of our specially selected artisan roasters to choose an appropriate charity to which CITIZEN BEAN donates back a portion of its sales.

Your Monthly Package Includes:

  • One full pound of whole bean coffee (not 12 oz.)
  • Food samples, herbs, coffee accessories and/or other monthly delights including How To’s and Roasters profiles

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