You know how it goes. You have to send a gift to friends to say thank you, you know they are coffee nuts, so you search the web for an appropriate gift. I ran across Citizen Bean, filled out the form and felt good that my friends were going to get a nice gift.

But low and behold, the gift box and coffee came to my house. (My friends live right next door. ANYONE could have made that mistake.) Of course, I opened the box, filled with delightful goodies including coffee, a french roaster, sugar, well you name it, it was there. Unfortunately, the smell of the coffee was just this side of heaven and instead of trotting myself next door to give it to the neighbor, I ripped it open and had myself on of THE BEST CUPS OF COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD.

Now I was really boogered. What to do with the neighbor’s gift? Well, suffice to say, I could not resist temptation and reordered. Hey, you do what you got to do, ya know?

Mal and the gang are not only coffee experts, but wonderful at customer service. My exchanges with him via email and phone (yes, the man actually called me) were funny and warm. I am now proud to say I am a Citizen Bean junkie and believe you me, this is one addiction I am happy to have. Thanks Mal and the staff at Citizen Bean! You rock! – Lesa DC


From the people

Customer Quotes

“Yay a new shipment from Citizen Bean arrived. I love their service”-Juri E.

“Citizen Bean is great – the cofee selections have been outstanding and customer service is beyond amazing. They even hand made gift cards for me when I gave 4 month subscriptions to my bridesmaids.” -Katie G.

“That is some pretty impressive customer service you’re providing.I wouldn’t have gotten an e-mail like that ordering something from” -Chris V.

Thank you so much for your help and for your wonderful service already! -Marla D.

Thanks for offering such a cool service for us coffee lovers! -Evan G

Oh, my g! I want upgrade my subscription!!!! -Enid H.

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