• We are the only coffee roaster of the month club dedicated to small batch roasters that are committed to only AAA Arabica bean selections from sustainable sources. This includes Fair-Trade Certified, Organic and Shade Grown coffees.

    We will never offer flavored beans. It is not unusual for flavored beans to be offered by others to cover up poor quality beans.

    We send a full pound (that’s 16 oz) of coffee each month.

    You won’t find the coffee we send to our members on supermarket shelves.

    A portion of each month’s sales is donated to a charity selected by our featured roaster.

    Citizen Bean is more than just coffee – we hope you will agree 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Sustainable coffee is a general term used for organic, shade grown and/or fair-traded coffee.

    Organic Coffee is produced with methods that preserve the soil and prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals.

    Fair Trade Coffee is purchased directly from the cooperative farms of small growers whose workers are guaranteed a minimum contract price for their crops, thus ensuring them a living wage.

    Shade Grown Coffee is produced in shaded forest areas, a practice that is ecologically beneficial, and promotes both biodiversity and bird life.

  • Without the power of regulating organizations like the ICO (International Coffee Organization), farmers have been forced to sell their coffee with little profit. Hence, many farmers have decided to replace their coffee crops with more profitable items like coca.

    Fair Trade* certification was designed by Oxfam, one of the first organizations to promote the practice of fair trade, thus ensuring the coffee farmer a living wage and longevity.

  • Yes. We believe the fair-trade charter alone doesn't go far enough to ensure a quality product. Organizations like "Cup of Excellence" pay farmers a higher wage and promote sustainable agriculture and the incentive to create a higher quality product. We select these coffees as well.

  • No. Just because coffee is labeled organic doesn't necessarily make it good. While there are a growing number of outstanding quality coffee companies committed to delivering a beautifully grown, well tended, sustainable product that has been roasted to perfection, the increased demand for organic coffee has opened the door to many companies seeing to capitalize on this trend without a quality product.

  • You will never hear this from your local supermarket (and it kills us when we see an expiration date on coffee that extends into next year) but freshly roasted coffee will only last between 14-21 days from its initial roasting date. It peaks within the first two weeks. that is why we go through great lengths to deliver coffee as close to the roasting date as humanly possible, and often package it in a valve-seal to extend its life during shipping.

  • Citizen Bean is a project that has matured over many years of appreciation, research and study. Hard-to-find featured roasters have been carefully selected first as "best-of-class" by industry peers, industry reviewing committees and other trades groups.

  • A great tasting cup of coffee is produced from whole coffee that's ground within a few minutes of brewing. The reason why coffee tastes so much better when it's just been through a coffee grinder, is that within two minutes, or so the experts claim, the coffee beans begin to oxidize, which is what changes the flavor. Most experts agree that the sooner you brew your coffee after you put it through a coffee grinder, the better your coffee will taste.

  • Citizen Bean was designed as a gift. Not only in concept but also its presentation.

    We celebrate those individuals who had a hand in creating this unique coffee, from the farmer to the roaster.

  • So that you enjoy it for as long as possible, we suggest you store it in an airtight container and avoid either the refrigerator or freezer.

  • We use USPS Priority Mail (2 day service) and send it within days of its roasting date to insure you receive the freshest coffee possible.

  • Citizen Bean is 100% guaranteed. We are confident you will enjoy Citizen Bean. If however, you do no, we will refund the unused portion of your membership to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Yes, definitely! Citizen Bean was developed with the gift givers and discerning coffee fanatic in mind. We have tried to think of everything and hope you will agree.

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