We are a gift-subscription coffee roaster of the month club that celebrates the best sustainable and complex roasts from small roasters all over the country.

We treat our members to hand-wrapped gifts, special finds and tools to ensure a fun and unique experience.

There is no one best coffee. Like wine, each is a unique adventure. Join us in support of independent roasters, their artistry, and shared commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

Subscribe to Citizen Bean and receive the best coffees from all over the country, each delivered within days of its roasting date every month, and feel good about doing it!

We are Citizen Bean. Welcome!

Citizen Bean Sustainable Coffees
Citizen Bean Monthly Package


  • 16 ounces of whole-bean coffee, including 2-8 ounce selections of distinctive roasts from exclusive micro-lots, Cup of Excellence-winning coffees, reserve lots, and other 90+ rated offerings from critically-acclaimed roasters.
  • Food pairing samples, herbs, coffee accessories, and other supplemental gifts to enhance your coffee experience.
  • How-To guides and background information on each roaster and farm, so you can learn about the independent roasters your subscription supports.
  • Shipping, roasting and sealing from the roaster within days to ensure its optimal freshness.
Citizen Bean Monthly Package

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We are proud to support small, truly sustainable farms and roasters that show a commitment to safe environmental practices and create truly superior coffee. In addition, we donate a portion of all sales to charities that focus on issues surrounding the coffee community — whether those be environmental, humanitarian, or a combination of the two

Every purchase through Citizen Bean not only supports independent roasters, but also works toward a better future for the global community. For us, “coffee with conscience” is more than just a slogan — it’s the core of our company, and the heart of our community.

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