Citizen Bean is great.

Citizen Bean is great. It’s a San Francisco-based coffee of the month club. the citizens search out the best artisan micro-roasters from throughout the country, and send you a freshly roasted pound (whole bean) of organic or fair trade yumminess each month. the citizens also include various other goodies (pices, special sugars, interesting chocolates) that show the obsessive attention to detail that is their trademark.

We all know about Peet’s and Blue Bottle and some of the other roasters in the area, but who has had some fresh beans from Stumptown in Portland or Gimme Coffee in New York? And who even has time to search this stuff out, let alone taste it and check out its business model and make sure it’s one of those supreme artisan places? I sure as heck don’t have that time. But the Citizens do. And I’ll tell you, the first two orders I have received were both wonderful, complex coffees that are a joy to drink.

Citizen Bean’s motto is “coffee with a conscience,” so they bring that whole San Francisco foodie attitude toward excellent, sustainable, fair trade, organic foodstuffs to bear in their selection process.

So, if you’re a coffee-obsessive type, or it you know one, check it out: – Kevin G