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Confessions of a coffee addict

Marlena Spieler San Francisco Chronicle Wednesday, August 2, 2006 The British Husband is addicted to coffee. It is one tenacious monkey on his back, I’m telling you, and it’s getting worse. These days it’s not unusual for him to nudge me at the crack of dawn with a hopeful look in his eye, his voice […]

Three cups of coffee a day could slow the loss of mental function in men, says a European study.

    Breaking News on Supplements & Nutrition – Europe Coffee could slow mental decline in old men The results appear in line with a growing body of evidence linking coffee consumption to improved cognitive function, and follow a recent report from Austria that “showed” how caffeine boosts brain function through its effects on distinct […]

Coffee’s bad rap

The Providence Journal Sunday, August 27, 2006 People attempting to kick the coffee habit may now wonder why they should bother. A spate of new studies seems to find nothing but virtue in the popular drink; in some respects, coffee apparently even leaves fruits and vegetables in the dust. One of the big surprises is […]

Coffee ‘key to reconciling Rwandans’

Coffee is being used in Rwanda to relaunch the economy as well as heal old wounds following the genocide. The Rwandan government is encouraging the creation of coffee plantations where people from both sides of the ethnic divide work together. This daily contact is seen as a means of speeding up reconciliation by fostering relationships […]

hey there, coffee lovers

By Fred Wickham of fame 31 August 2006 (I highly reccommend this blog) Coffee’s my hobby. I just want to share a few rare taste treats with you. You may have heard about this first one – Civet Coffee. The civet is a small asian weasel that eats coffee from the bush. After the […]

gutta love it!

coffee-based moisturizers? what will they think of next ? contributed by dgans

The perfect cup of coffee – at home

By Matt Degen You love coffee. There’s just no other way of saying it. Your feelings toward the liquid indulgence go beyond mere appreciation for it as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up: This borders on obsession. You get your daily fix – or two or three – at one of the myriad coffeehouses that dot […]

Coffee, wine and chocolates are good for your heart

7 September 2006 By Natalie Walker Coffee, red wine and chocolate are the key to preventing heart disease, it was claimed yesterday. Glasgow University professor Alan Crozier told a conference the so-called “bad foods” actually protected the heart and arteries. And he told delegates: “Have a cup of coffee, drink two or three glasses […]