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My brothers and I were looking for a coffee of a month club

My brothers and I were looking for a coffee of a month club for our parents for a Christmas gift and I got the job to find one. I googled “Coffee of the Month Clubs” and Citizen Bean came up. I really liked the coffee with a conscience motto and gave them a good look. […]

Holy Jesus!

Holy Jesus! I subscribed after getting tired of the same old blue bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I hae it every Saturday at the farmers market. However, would you like to get to try the best other cities have to offer while doing good for the enviro and it arriving at your doorstep with free […]

Citizen Bean is great.

Citizen Bean is great. It’s a San Francisco-based coffee of the month club. the citizens search out the best artisan micro-roasters from throughout the country, and send you a freshly roasted pound (whole bean) of organic or fair trade yumminess each month. the citizens also include various other goodies (pices, special sugars, interesting chocolates) that […]

You know how it goes.

You know how it goes. You have to send a gift to friends to say thank you, you know they are coffee nuts, so you search the web for an appropriate gift. I ran across Citizen Bean, filled out the form and felt good that my friends were going to get a nice gift. But […]