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114M lawsuit over coffee coupon

                      Starbucks clearly never heard the term ‘viral email’ It perhaps wasn’t the smartest offer in Starbucks long corporate history. When the company sent an email round to its employees with a coupon for a free ‘grande’ iced drink, suggesting that they forward it to […]

Roasters say no plans to match Starbucks coffee price hike

                                  illustration by fred wickham more of fred wickham can be seen at By Susan Buchanan Of Dow Jones Newswires NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Major U.S. coffee roasters say they have no immediate intention of matching a hike […]

International Coffee Organization to Review Recommendations for a Sustainable Coffee Sector

                        London – The International Coffee Organization (ICO) must heed the recommendations on sustainability put forward by Cameroon, Honduras, and the United States, and make the interests of 25 million small-scale family coffee farmers across the world an integral part of its work when […]

Colombian coffee growers hurt by chemical spray

Crops sprayed with chemicals meant to destroy cocaine are disrupting coffee farmers. Chey Scott   Many WSU students start out their day with a visit to the coffee stand before class. However, these students may not be thinking about where the coffee they enjoy as a morning wake up comes from. “We want to focus […]

Coffee for the Guys

                          10/4/2006 Written By: Chantelle For Gilkatho Pty Ltd. An Australian Coffee Co. How do you take your morning coffee? A dash of milk? A cup of sugar? Maybe even a bit of Irish crème? I bet you’ve never taken it with legs […]

Coffee, cigars, sex ‘behind longevity’

From correspondents in Havana October 05, 2006 04:33am Article from: Agence France-Presse CUBA’S high number of centenarians said their longevity is a result of going easy on alcohol, but indulging in coffee, cigars and sex, according to a survey released today. Cuba, with a population of 11.2 million, has about 3000 people who have […]

Earnest coffee expose lacks clarity

By Robert Horton October 6, 2006 Herald Movie Critic Yet another thing to be depressed about: coffee. The longtime pick-me-up is just another cog in the dismal machinery of the global economy. This buzzkill is offered in “Black Gold,” an earnest new documentary that traces the unclean trail of who gets rich on the world’s […]

Brazil May Produce 40 Million Bags of Coffee in Next Harvest

By Carlos Caminada for Bloomberg Press Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) — Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee grower, may produce as much as 40 million bags of the beans in the coming crop, almost matching the current harvest, helped by rainfall and investment in fertilizers, an industry leader said. Rising coffee prices this year prompted farmers to […]